Boost Your Credit Score Fast!

When you are added as an Authorized User (AU) on a high limit, low balance credit card your credit score gets the benefits of the card’s positive credit history and that boosts your credit score!

It’s called “credit piggybacking” and it is simple, easy, and a great way for you to quickly get the benefits of a better credit score.

It is common for parents, employers and couples to add authorized users to to their credit card accounts.  Once a authorized user is added to a credit card account, the issuer will begin relaying account information to the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis.  This process will help to improve the authorized user’s credit standing, perhaps elevating it all the way to the “excellent” range over time.  However, the gains aren’t likely to come as quickly as if the individual had his or her own credit card account.  So for best results, it is recommended to combine authorize use with a secured and or unsecured credit cards of your own.

Who Can Be An Authorize User?

Anyone can become an Authorize User on an account with little hassle.  All is needed is the person’s name, date of birth and, in most cases, their Social Security Number.  There are no restrictions regarding the authorized user’s age.